NICK VUJICIC TVChannel and related logos, content, and all other Intellectual property contained therein are not owned nor endorsed by ETERNITY READY TELEVISION. Learn more about the Owner of this channel @LifeWithoutLimbs.orgIt is a great privilege to introduce you to the Life Without Limbs TV channel. My name is Nick Vujicic and I'm 30 years old. I was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for this condition. Faced with countless challenges and obstacles, God has given me the strength to surmount what others might call impossible.Life Without Limbs is all about sharing this same hope and genuine love that I have personally experienced with people all over the globe. It's been said that doors open to a man without arms and legs much more easily than to anyone else, we thank God for providing that privilege. I've been invited into very unexpected places to share about my faith in Jesus Christ and literally millions have responded.

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